The Original self guided tour, and the create your own tour, are both included for one price. The best places to eat along your tour are also found at each stop of the tour.

Your self guided walking tour combines all the different tours in Savannah together in one. Thus the history tour, ghost tour, architectural tour, Revolutionary War, Civil War, and more is placed into each tour stop. The tour takes about 2 hours if you do not stop long at each location. Because you pay for the knowledge of the website you can relax and return to your route the next day, also you may share the website with whomever you are with at no extra charge.

You are encouraged to stroll sit, view the tour information points, and have a meal at the same time. In Savannah, that’s how we live, slow and in the moment. Your tour guide, creator, and developer, is one of only a few licensed tour guides with the City of Savannah. With his heritage reaching back to the same era of the founding of Savannah, this tour has been developed with a great sense of pride covering the proud and not so proud history of the most charming city in the United States.

This tour contains elements that you will not find with any other tour, hundreds of vintage photos providing a window or portal back in time. Short film clips from some of the 140 movies that have been filmed here, famous quotes from famous authors of Savannah, ghost stories that have been verified but unheard of before, interesting architecture dynamics that educate, in-depth details on the Revolutionary and Civil wars. Lowcountry humor and more.

The original tour starts on the River Walk directly behind City Hall.